Darian Asplund - Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet, EWI, Piano, Performer, Composer/Arranger, Instructor


 Raised in the northwest, Saxophonist Darian Asplund is emerging into the music scene, contributing fresh sounds and exciting ideas.  Moments of warmth, intensity, suspense and passion.

 Featured on numerous shows and recordings, audiences are drawn into the warm, but glistening texture of Darian’s saxophone sound, while adding depth and dimension into his performance. Sought out by many bands for his ability to be versatile, Darian learns music at an amazingly fast pace, whether he is sight-reading or listening to the music he’s been given.

 Darian’s repertoire includes a wide range of styles and genres, from contemporary to traditional.  Currently, you can find Darian performing tenor sax/flute/EWI with “FARKO COLLECTIVE” (featuring Farko Dosumov, Tyler Graves, Jonathan Hansen and Nelson Dagget), soprano sax with “ISTVAN AND FARKO” (featuring Istvan Rez, Farko Dosumov and David Levin), and/or with the Darian Asplund Group.

 Other groups Darian has played with include: The Rerun Band (Keyboardist Mark Sampson and Guitarist Brendan O’Donnell), Spyn Reset (CD: Objects in the Abstract), Mycle Wastman Band, Darrius Willrich Band, Allen Stone Band, Tim Kennedy Quintet, Dave Abramson Trio, Marmalade, Spellbinder (Drummer Mike Shrieve from ‘Santana’), Cornish Jazz Ensembles, Bellevue College Jazz Band, Kore Ionz, Rolling Stones (Seattle Cover Band), Fonkay 2 Death (Guitarist Jabrille Williams) Bamba Brazil, TUBALUBA, Audio-suite (Singer Tiffany Wilson), Howlin Hounddog, and many more.